Spill Absorbent

SpillFIXER® is a range of popular all-natural, earth-friendly spill absorbent products made from high quality Attapulgite that is ideal for cleaning up both outdoor and indoor emergency spills to ensure a safe workplace. All SpillFIXER® products are Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) compliance.
Spillfixer Range
There are two lines of spill containment products namely, SpillFIXER® All-purpose Spill Absorber (for outdoor) and SpillFIXER® Premium (for indoor).

Natural multi-purpose spill absorbent, easy-to-handle particle size to withstand outdoor elements.

Available in 30Ltr bags

Benefits of SpillFIXER® Standard:

  • 100% natural

  • Multi-purpose

  • Quick & easy application

  • Economical and cost-effective

  • Reduce risk of slips or pollution

  • Earth-friendly

  • Granular and easy to use both indoor and outdoor

  • Highly absorbent

Granular absorbent developed to rapidly absorb indoor oil and liquid spills.

Available in 10kg bag

Benefits of SpillFIXER® Premium:

All of the benefits of Standard plus

  • No added chemicals

  • Superior absorption

  • Premium brand

  • Finer grained

  • Rapidly absorb indoor oil and liquid spills

  • Outstanding absorbent to clean up liquids spills such as paint, diesel and petrol

  • Excellent OH&S item

Cleaning Ink Spill

Cleaning Oil Spills

Cleaning Food Spills

Features & Benefits

* Internal testing. Please refer to MSDS for further details.

**when absorbed with engine oil (15W-40)

Where to Use?
  • Factory

  • Garage

  • Hospital

  • Nursing Home

  • Mine Site

  • Port

  • Laundry room

  • Oil Refinery

  • Kitchen & Restaurant

  • Service Station

  • Warehouse

  • Car Workshop

  • Car Assembly plant

  • Garbage & Waste Bin


"Likes that Spillfixer cleans up relatively fast and cleans most of the oil faster than cloth"

Rheet at Mac's Auto

"Used Spillfixer to clean up a red wine spill on tiles and it left the surface dry and clean with no residue"

Manvi (Sydney, NSW)