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Australian Attapulgite

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Hudson Marketing Pty Limited (Hudson), is the largest Australian-owned manufacturer that produces and markets Attapulgite absorbent products. Attapulgite clay is a valuable clay belonging to the Fuller’s Earth group.

Attapulgite is an industrial mineral or clay belonging to the Fuller’s Earth group. Hudson’s Attapulgite is free from mineral acid, lightweight, with high natural porosity. It has a unique structures of air pockets that absorb and locks in ammonia and odour.

The high absorption capacity of this mineral clay comes from its compound structure known as hydrated magnesium aluminium silicate, which consists of invisible tiny channels that absorb liquids. The structure of Attapulgite is characterised by 3-layer strips that are joined at the corners. This results in a unique checkerboard structure of natural voids that can absorb or can be filled with liquid.


Hudson Attapulgite can be used as:
•    agriculture carrier, 
•    wetting agent, 
•    slow release agent for fertilisers, 
•    filtration aid for various oil applications 

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