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Australian Attapulgite

Attapulgite is a valuable industrial mineral belonging to the Fuller’s Earth group. Its high absorption and adsorption capacity comes from its compound structure known as hydrate magnesium aluminum silicate, which consists of invisible tiny channels that absorb and adsorbs liquids. The structure of Attapulgite is characterized by 3-layer strips that are joined at the corners. This results in a unique checkerboard structure of natural voids that can absorb or adsorb.

HUDSON has access to the only known highest purity and quality of Australian Attapulgite (Fullers Earth) from Western Australia. Our Australian Attapulgite (Fullers Earth) is:


  • 100% natural

  • 100% free from mineral acid

  • Light Weight

  • High natural porosity

  • Good flow ability

  • Superior liquid absorption and adsorption capacity

  • Superior natural odour absorption capability

These properties of our Australian Attapulgite enables HUDSON to produce finished products that have superior absorption and adsorption capabilities, with consistent particle size distribution that are ideal for many industrial applications.

History of Attapulgite

Attapulgite was used in combination with indigo dyes derived from the leaves of anil (indigofera suffruiticosa) by the Maya people of Central America to produce a bright blue colour, called Maya Blue. The vibrant colour can be seen on pottery, murals and other artifacts produced centuries ago. The unusual and durable pigment remains vibrant today long after other colours have faded away (Source: )

Illustration of Attapulgite clay structure

Hudson's Attapulgite (Fullers Earth) Product Application

Green Fields

All natural carrier to Increase Nutrient holding capacity, crop protection, water retention and soil conditioning


All natural cat care absorbent


High-performance carrier for chemical formulations and fragrance  

Free Range Hen

Reduces microbial load in poultry litter and improve the chicken health & environment

Spilling Green Slime

All purpose natural spill containment management product


Jet Fuel Clarification & Liquid Paraffin Processing

Jet fuel clarification used in MEROX Technology

Facial Oil

All natural solution for regenerating used hydraulic, transformer and other oils

High quality adsorption capabilities used in anti-diarrhea table formulation

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