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Research & Development

Through innovative technologies and extensive research and development programs, HUDSON is continuously looking to expand and utilize the multiple natural properties of its Australian Attapulgite to create value-added solutions for our customers.

Backed by our wealth of experience and knowledge in mineral sorbents, HUDSON aims to develop value-added products for a diverse range of industrial applications, with the capacity to provide tailored solutions specific to its customer’s requirements.  Our experience and determination to constantly strive to establish improved value-added Australian Attapulgite products shows our commitment to the importance of research and development.

HUDSON is seeking to expand its Australian Attapulgite (Fullers Earth) product offerings to its customers and is currently assessing potential applications including drilling mud, paint, cement, building materials and stockfeed. We are also undertaking to extend our Australian Diatomaceous Earth application as an insecticide and stock feed. Our commitment is to convert our Australian Attapulgite (Fullers Earth) and Diatomaceous Earth products into bespoke solutions, designed to making a difference in the markets we serve.

Hudson Processing & Supply Chain Capabilities

HUDSON can provide customers certainty of secure supply and timely delivery of products. We have a long-term supply agreement that guarantees continuous supply and timely delivery of high quality Australian Attapulgite raw ore.

HUDSON’s processing and packing plant is located approximately 430km north of Perth or 13km from Geraldton Port. Geraldton Port is a major bulk shipping terminal that exports a wide variety of precious and bulk commodities to countries around the world. Most of HUDSON’s products will be delivered to:

  • Fremantle Port for export packed in containers, or

  • Perth for interstate rail or road deliveries within Australia

Our mission is to deliver reliable, high-quality products and services to all our customers by providing:

  • Consistent premium quality Australian Attapulgite products

  • Timely deliveries

  • Dedicated customer service

  • Customized specialty products and solutions

  • Ongoing innovation, research and development

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