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Oil Regeneration

HUDSON has developed and tested its high-performance filtration product, CLEARFIX for water contaminated hydraulic oil.

Water in lubrication systems can originate from the environment (such as rain or moisture in the air), damaged rubber gasket on reservoir covers, under-performing air breathers, damaged wiper on a hydraulic cyclinder or damaged water-based cooling system in a steam application.

The physical effect of water on oil is high viscosity, and the chemical effects are hydrolysis, air entrainment and excessive foaming, and additive depletion. CLEARFIX can reduce the detrimental effects of water on oil, thereby minimizing potential metal surface corrosion, lubrication film strength loss and plugging of filters. It is economical, durable and highly efficient in treating emulsifying oils.

CLEARFIX can be used in the transformer oil regeneration process as the sorbent media. During this regeneration stage the used transformer oil is pumped through columns filled with CLEARFIX, which will strip the used transformer oil of impurities and ageing byproducts.
Oil derrick
  • 100% natural and eco friendly

  • Wide range of granular products

  • Free from mineral acid

  • Effective in reducing pigments, trace metals, moisture and oxidative compounds

  • Helps in improving oxidative stability

  • Consistent particle size distribution

  • Lightweight

  • High natural porosity and surface area

  • Economical and cost-effective


  • Clarification of hydraulic oil

  • Transformer oil regeneration

  • Processing of used oils


Packing sizes
  • 25kg paper bag

  • 500kg and 1000kg bulk bags


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