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Poultry Bedding

AttaZORB can be applied as an addition to poultry bedding, to assist in the control of ammonia levels in enclosed environments.

In chicken coops, the quality of the poultry bedding is controlled by the ammonia levels. The addition of AttaZORB to poultry bedding will absorb excess liquid, keeping the level of moisture in the poultry litter low, particularly during winter periods when temperatures and ventilation rates are lower. 


Excessive moisture in chicken coops, is the primary cause of ammonia emissions, which is likely to promote pathogenic bacteria and mold. This can have a serious impact on the animal’s health, the environment and productive performance. AttaZORB can assist greatly in moisture management.           


When the poultry bedding mixed with AttaZORB needs to be changed, it can be reused to deliver nutrients to plants and to improve soil condition, since it has useful properties for fertiliser and for soil amendment.

What is AttaZORB?
  • Made from 100% natural Australian Attapulgite

  • Attapulgite is well-known for its instant natural drying capabilities and odour control

  • AttaZORB has high liquid absorption due to its unique structure.

AttaZORB Application
  • Suitable for use in chicken coop 


Packing sizes
  • 25kg paper bag

  • 500kg and 1000kg bulk bags


AttaZORB Benefits
  • Absorb liquid moisture and ammonia in poultry litter.

  • Assist in maintaining healthy indoor environment

  • Reduce use of chemical disinfectants.

  • Minimize use of animal anti-biotics to maintain animal health.


Free Range Poultry Farm
How to Use AttaZORB?
  1. Clean existing poultry bedding out from the chicken coop. Wash and disinfect the chicken coop accordingly.

  2. Apply AttaZORB to the dried floor at a rate of 1.5kg/m² using a fertilizer spreader.

  3. Apply dry bedding material on top of AttaZORB then apply a further 1kg/m2 of AttaZORB on top of the dry bedding using a fertilizer spreader before use.

  4. Depending on moisture content of the poultry litter, apply additional 1kg/m2 of AttaZORB manually in the presence of poultry, when required.

  5. When poultry bedding is removed, this can be used as plant nutrients since the AttaZORB has absorbed the ammonia.

Refer to our DE-CIDE™ Diatomaceous Earth based product as a natural pest control solution for your poultry

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