Jet Fuel Treatment

Made from 100% Natural Attapulgite, JETFIX has high natural porosity and highly absorbent with affinity towards sorption of trace impurities. JETFIX has been the most preferred product for Aviation Turbine Fuel treatment in UOP MEROX and Merichem Technologies. Jetfix is offered in two mesh grades, Jetfix 102 ( 16/30 Mesh) and Jetfix 103 (30/60 Mesh).
  • Ideal Loose Bulk Density

  • Reduced Free Moisture

  • Controlled Particle Sizing

  • High Surface Area

  • High Porosity

  • Low Thermal Activation

  • Low Friability

  • Nil Acidity


  • Jet fuel Treatment

  • Suitable for retrofittable cartridges in a mobile filtration system

  • Suitable for treatment of used transformer oils


Packing sizes

  • 650 kg and 1000kg bulk bags