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Jet Fuel Treatment & Liquid Parrafin Processing

Made from 100% Australian Attapulgite that is free from mineral acid, JETFIX has high natural porosity and high affinity towards sorption of trace impurities. It is an excellent adsorbent industrial mineral media for jet fuel clarification used with MEROX Technology (a proprietary UOP technology process that sweetens jet furl and kerosene) and MERICHEM Technologies.

Through its highly active surface area and unique prosity, JETFIX effectively removes polar compounds, helps to reduce acidity and corrosiveness and prevents bacterial growth in jet fuel. JETFIX performs to ensure the jet fuel clarification meets the stringent requirements relating to thermal stability and water reactivity, resulting in an optimal performance of the jet fuel.

JETFIX can also be used in the processing of liquid paraffin.

JETFIX has been the most preferred product for Aviation Turbine Fuel treatment in UOP MEROX and Merichem Technologies. 
Oil Refinery


  • Ideal loose bulk density

  • Reduced free moisture

  • Controlled particle sizing

  • High surface area

  • High porosity

  • Low thermal activation

  • Low friability

  • Nil acidity

Packing sizes

  • 500kg, 650 kg and 1000kg bulk bags


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  • Jet fuel treatment

  • Suitable for retrofittable cartridges in a mobile filtration system

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