Poultry Application

Hudson DEguard is beneficial for poultry's health. It can treat worms, eradicate mites and lice. The diatoms in the diatomaceous earth have fine, sharp and abrasive particles, allowing it to eliminate parasites by drying out the natural oils and fats on their exoskeletons.
Diatomite is porous making it effective at drying wet surfaces where pests may lay their eggs. It's also a natural pesticide as it helps to eliminate pungent odours that can build up in chicken coops. Simply integrate diatomaceous earth into your regular cleaning routine in the chicken coop. This will help eradicate all those familiar unpleasant chicken smells.
  • 100% Natural material
  • Non-chemical poultry and other animals: lice, mite and flea treatment
  • Dries up the moisture from their droppings
  • Non-toxic & Non-flammable
  • Results in healthier, happier and pest reduced life
  • Does not biodegrade
  • Cost effective
Sizes available for Sale
  • DEguard Half tonne bags
1. Obtain a dust box with the dimensions of 60cm x 90cm x 9cm in depth.
A dust box is a box which gives chickens a place to bath themselves and remove excess oil as well as external parasites like ice and mites. It also helps to maintain the water resistance of the outer feathers of the chicken and is an important part of keeping chickens healthy and clean.
2. Mix food grade diatomaceous earth with washed play sand and place it in the dust box. Ratio of sand to diatomaceous earth should be 9:1 which should yield a depth of approximately 5cm.
3. On a weekly basis, add approximately 900 grams of DE and add sand where needed to maintain depth of 5cm.
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