Agriculture & Horticulture

For more than three decades, HUDSON has been manufacturing and supplying specialized solutions to fertilizer manufacturers in Australia and Asia. Our AGRIFIX products are 100% natural, lightweight and are available in light buff and reddish colour. These products possess consistent particular size distribution, high cation-exchange capacity and high nutrient-holding capacity.
  • 100% natural and eco friendly

  • High cation-exchange capacity

  • High nutrient holding capacities

  • Consistent particle size distribution

  • Lightweight


  • Granular carrier for fertiliser and crop-protectant formulations

  • Granular carrier for water-retention formulation

  • Carriers for controlled release fertiliser formulation

  • Specialised soil-conditioning formulation

  • High-performance filler


Product Range
  • Light buff, reddish


Packing sizes
  • 25kg paper bag

  • 500kg and 1000kg bulk bags