Cat Care

Hudson Marketing Pty Ltd is the largest Attapulgite based cat litter manufacturer in Australia. To many cat lovers, our cat care brands such as Chandler and Fussy Cat are synonymous with premium and eco-friendly qualities. Our Cat care brands are renowned for their effective odour-control and long-lasting performance. Hudson's cat care brands are also designed for safe use around kittens.
Why Attapulgite Cat Litter?
Chandler Cat Litter Range

Chandler Original®


• Over 30 years of brand presence in Australia 
• Convenient 7Ltr pack size

•  Available in Coles, Woolworths and selected IGA stores

Chandler Soft®


• Mini Granules

• Lightweight

• Gentle on Paws

• Available in IGA (WA, SA and VIC)


Please contact our Head Office for place of distribution

Fussy Cat ® 

• Suitable for multiple cats
• Economical pack size: 15 Ltr and 30 Ltr paper bags
• Available in pet stores and catteries Australia-wide

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