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DE-GUARD as a source of Plant Available Silica

Made from 100% natural West Australian Diatomaceous Earth (DE), DE-GUARD is an excellent soil amender. The addition of DE-GUARD to soil can improve silicon and cation concentrations, which are necessary for plant growth. DE-GUARD contains amorphous silicon dioxide, which has micro nutrients that can be absorbed in the root system and trans-locate into the cell wall. The silica content of DE-GUARD is absorbed into plant tissue and helps improve the plant structure.

What is DE-GUARD?

  • Made from 100% natural West Australian Diatomaceous Earth (DE).

  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or Diatomite is a sedimentary rock composed of diatoms, that formed in a freshwater lake over thousands of years.

  • Diatoms are opaline silica skeletal remains of microscopic photosynthetic algae.

  • Compared to other Australian DE deposits, DE-CIDE® West Australian DE is unique since it was formed more recently during the Pleistocene to Recent Ages. This results in DE-CIDE® naturally having a higher amorphous silica content.

  • DE-GUARD West Australian DE's diatoms are also distinctly "boat shaped"


DE-GUARD Benefits

  • 100% Natural West Australian Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

  • Primarily amorphous silica

  • Lightweight

  • Assist in plant growth through absorption of Plant Available Silica

  • Improved plant resistance to pest and diseases

  • Reduced effects of drought

  • Increased farming yields

​Why Use
  • Plants require silicon in soluble form (known as Plant Available Silica(PAS)) to be absorbed for growth, protection and reproduction.
  • DE-GUARD promotes increased plant growth and stem/leaf thickness. This will lead to increased plant's resistance to pests and diseases, and reduced effects of drought.

  • DE-GUARD may improve farming yields.

How to Use

1. Mix DE-GUARD in your potting mixes or vegetable gardens.
2. Use the ratio of 10-20% of Hudson DE to potting mix or soil.



Packing Size

  • 1/2 tonne bulka bags

  • Loose Bulk Shipment

Seedlings in Pots
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