Poultry Bedding

"The natural and effective litter bedding


  • Superior absorbent
  • Unique physical properties
  • Suitable for use in chicken coop's and animal shelters
  • Ability to absorb moisture and ammonia in animal litter
  • Helps maintain good environment in animal holding facilities
  • Chicken Litter Bedding
  • Rabbits and Pet Reptiles litter bedding
  • 100% Natural material
  • Instant drying Capacity
  • High Absorption - Porous material with high surface area
  • Economical - Reduces usage of chemical disinfectants, and avoiding over saturations of volatiles
  • Lightweight & Consistent - Extremely light with consistent particle size
AttaZorb GR and FP Product Details
Colour: Light buff
Bulk Density: 500 - 700kg/m3

Product              Particle Size              Packaging
AttaZorb GR         0.6 - 1.4mm                500kg and 1000kg
AttaZorb FP          75-micron (Avg.)        500kg and 1000kg

For more information please find AttaZorb flyer available