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Pest Control

What is

  • Made from 100% natural West Australian Diatomaceous Earth (DE).

  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or Diatomite is a sedimentary rock composed of diatoms, that formed in a freshwater lake over thousands of years.

  • Diatoms are opaline silica skeletal remains of microscopic photosynthetic algae.

  • Compared to other Australian DE deposits, DE-CIDE® West Australian DE is unique since it was formed more recently during the Pleistocene to Recent Ages. This results in DE-CIDE® naturally having a higher amorphous silica content.

  • DE-CIDE® West Australian DE's diatoms are also distinctly "boat shaped".

  • Independent testing has confirmed DE-CIDE® natural pest control's performance was comparable to leading DE insecticide brand.

DE-CIDE® Application

  • Suitable use as a pest control against small, soft bodies insects (such as ants, beetles, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, mites, lice, snails, slugs)

Why Use DE-CIDE® ?

  • DE-CIDE® non-chemically kills insects (such as poultry lice, mites, fleas and ticks) by removing portions of their waxy waterproof membrane.
  • Insects cannot develop a resistance to DE-CIDE®'s natural process, compared to chemical pesticides currently in use.
  • The diatom structure of DE-CIDE® makes it unique and effective in eliminating insect pests.
Packing sizes
  • 500kg bulk bag
How to Use DE-CIDE®?

Dry Application

  1. Dust an even application of DE-CIDE® generously over your outdoor plants either by sprinkling or using a shaker.

  2. Give the leaves a bit of a shake for DE-CIDE® to get into the joints of insects that are already on the plants

  3. Ideal condition to apply DE-CIDE® for maximum effectiveness after just watering, after it has rained or early morning when there is dew on the leaves.

  4. Use at least once a week to control insect problem.

Wet Application

  1. Do not apply dry DE-CIDE® if rain is forecast, since it will be washed off the plant.

  2. If rain is forecast, use wet application by mixing dry DE-CIDE® with some water, then apply.


Note: The effectiveness of DE-CIDE® will depend on the extent of infestation, size of the pests and weather conditions on the day

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