Hudson Marketing Pty Limited (HUDSON), is the largest Australian-owned manufacturer that produces and markets Attapulgite absorbent products. Attapulgite clay is a valuable clay belonging to the Fuller’s Earth group. The high absorption capacity of this mineral clay comes from its compound structure known as hydrated magnesium aluminium silicate, which consists of invisible tiny channels that absorb liquids. The structure of Attapulgite is characterised by 3-layer strips that are joined at the corners. This results in a unique checkerboard structure of natural voids that can absorb or can be filled with liquid.
Our Capabilities
  • Access to the only known highest quality Attapulgite resource in Western Australia

  • 100% natural Attapulgite with high porosity and good flow ability

  • Supplier of choice for mainstream non-clumping cat litter products

  • Owns and distributes leading all-natural cat litter brands Chandler® and Fussy Cat®

  • Owns and distributes SpillFIXER® for manufacturing, construction and mining industries

  • Customizes specialty products and solutions for industrial applications which includes high-performance filtration media

  • Manufactures carriers for crop nutrient and crop protectant products

Our Commitment

We are committed to deliver reliable, high quality products and services to customers through continuous innovation, research & development, marketing and customer services.

We have a dedicated and experienced Technical, Marketing and Customer Service Team that is capable of developing customized specialty industrial products and solutions for applications specific to customers' requirements.